Children in Hunting Park Need Access to Educational Resources

Children in Hunting Park Need Access to Educational Resources

The (School Progress Report) illustrates school successes and challenges with the broader goal of ensuring that every student has a great school close to where they live," Hite said in a statement. “We simply do not have all of the resources that our schools need to dramatically improve, which is reinforcing a system of great schools for some, but not nearly enough for all – or even most.”

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    There are schools that have been adopted by their communities and are doing awesome things in spite of lack of funding, like Meredith in South Philly. In the current educational climate, classes like languages and music are often the first to go. Never mind extra curricular activities. Churches can adopt the local schools in the ways @jeremychen has suggested.

    I volunteered for three weeks at the guidance office of NE high school a couple of years ago and I saw a huge need for mentors and people to help kids navigate the system. We can perhaps use a program like Communities in Schools and Young Life (YL) or one that caters to the children in the local schools. We need to have a presence in the schools.

    There is also a need for revamping or doing a complete overhaul of the curriculum that is used. Kids are not reaching their full potential due to the antiquated ways in which they are taught.
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    One way for us to start working on educational resources: Have our local churches partner with the schools right next door to ask how we can help them with resources – whether in the form of donations, tutoring help, volunteering at events, etc…. Any other ideas?
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    Children in Hunting Park Need Access to Educational Resources
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